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Seeing Stars
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I just finished watching Kayo Hatta's film titled "Picture Bride" to refresh my memory of Tamlyn Tomita's voice and face. Why? She was in Seattle for a few months with that Philip Gotanda play at ACT.. people were telling me they met her and such...i didn't see it, never saw her around town, so i figured it wasn't my destiny at this time.

Sept 28,I was at the airport to SF when i see this JA chick with yello specs on......

the story goes like this...

i notice this JA chick with yello lenses like me at the baggage claim with tons of clunky big bags rolling sown the chute. some dude lookin' like an asian james dean helpin her out. She looks sooooo familiar. but from where???
i'm standing there trying to figure her out. Then, she passes in front of me, profile so familiar...then i close my eyes and i get a flash of picture bride a transparent holographic image appears before me, it matches!


(It's her, it's HER! i'm screaming in silence inside my head) my camera battery is dead, my point and shoot buried deep inside my bag, and my video cam also buried--no pen, no paper, no nothing. Nobody gonna believe me! WHat to do! i just stood there and listened for her unmistakable voice. yeah , it's HER, i was in awe.

i grabbed my bags and went outside to wait for my ride.
I glanced to my right and there they were again. I thought about it really bother them or not-over and over. Hmm, i don't want her to think i'm this weird stalker person. I moved my bags a footto the right and made my approach. Now what to say? someting stoopid.

IHK-"hey, weren't you in that play in seattle?
TT; yeah, did you see it?
IHK: "Nah, too expensive." something to that effect.
i mentioned that i "emailed Amy hill to ask how tall you
were" last week. i then noticed that my baggage was too far away and the dude (greg) brought my stuff over.
Real ccool people. Down to earth.

She asked my purpose for being in sf, i mentioned i was collaborating with Miya Masaoka on her Giant Roach piece on oct 1/2. Tomita was here for a reading of Gotanda's new work also on the 10-2, oh well, i guess i'll never see her live on stage..

Their ride came. i waited and waited for mine it was now 12:10pm Miya finally rolled up in her typical JA ride, a white Camry 4-door. On the road to pick
up the Roaches she asked "how long were you waiting?"
IHK: (grinning like a Cheshire Cat) i replied,
" about 35 minutes, but it was OK, 'cuz i got to meet Tamlyn Tomita!!"

Was THAT the wrong answer, cuz Miya..she gave me the
'yoko-me' (side-eye) look. I guess Tamlyn is not her fave
star actress!

And that's THE HIGHpoint of my trip to SF sept 28th '98

tamlyn autograph; Actual size=300pixels wide

I sent my story titled "Good Karma" to Amy Hill and
D.A. Tsufura. I commented to Tsufura that i really wanted
something autographed by Tomita..since i didn't have my camera up and ready or have anything for her to sign.

Then just last week or so, i get this envelope in the mail.
I open it, and inside a note " As u wished" and a postcard signed by Tamlyn!!!!!!!!! good timing with my birthday!

If i had a photo of Tamlyn, i'd stick it here too, but i don't! <<hint, hint>>

Story Copyright I.H.Kuniyuki.

SHOYU, Pour It On!!