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88% Ugly

2001--2007s worst  experienced!

Twelve tips for effective complaining

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 MAR 1: The West Seattle SUDDEN Printing all of a sudden changed owners and now the owners who have no clue how to DO publishing or photocopies or have any CUSTOMER service qualities-hiring STUPID people who cant add or understand/english. have the audacity to ridicule other ethnicities, gender, lifestyles, rolling eyes at artworks, overall DISCRIMINATORY actions towards all.
RUDE to customers ( eye rolling, grunting, lewd gestures). washing feet in sink off to the side of the business area,  praying to Allah in the print room ( loudly ) i think that he should have done this in a more private area, away from the front desk.. the person , who answered the phone didnt answer it in english and most people hung up on him,  The Person who does the best job there, and should be the manager is probably pissed off with how things are going.  So ALL THE WOMEN and ARTISTS out there should show up to confront these sexist pigs-- and let them know they cant discriminate against women and gay people just because they dont like them.!!!
JOann Fabric and craft store- tukwila superstore white employees need diversity training and customer service skills,  Go there to get discrimination in the racist, genderist kinda way-- eye rolls and funny looks, and u get ignored if u have a question. RUDE PEOPLE, i feel sorry for the asians that work there. wait in line for the asian girl at check-out.   Check your items that are in a set or box at check out cuz lots o' times the advertised items are not all in the box.  ( inside job theft)--january 2007

^^A note to all the  same-sex gropers who are so deep in the vault that they cant be gei are really getting annoying at  all these community events, especially the taiko, wlam auction, bon odori  ones...u know who u are.  put an ad in the Stranger or something, quit touching and running's not funny.~~


.gurgle...still percolating...

***the Wing Luke Asian Museum's quest for a lot of dough to raise to get the new museum rolling in dough-- their annual fundraising event called The AUCTION, steamrolled the artist community by not only asking the artists to MAKE it Bigger but also to only receive only 10% for their CUT!!
>> i read it over and over, and i couldnot stoop that low and give up my hard-earned artistic masterpiece.  i crashed the auction  to see how much burning was actually happening- i took a survey of how many people who buy art didnt know HOW much the artists were getting for their efforts. most were APPALLED by the measly amount.
HEY U Asians -- quit fighting about the trivial naming of  "International District" vs.
"Chinatown", cuz the CRIME on the street against ALL asians is getting out of control, that is the issue u all should be FIGHTING about, get serious.    put in alphabetical order like everything else.. OKAY. this fight is stoopid!

ANTI-AMERICAN, so dont Go there Unless u TOTALLY  .. Totally   HAVE   to  go there.



EAT here and get discriminated against if u're not Str8!
2007_Japanese restaurants with Japan-borns who are employed there ( including nikkeijins who are bilingual)-- tend to discriminate ( by delaying service, serving u outdated rotten food disguised in a pesto sauce-- slimy grey chicken ) They think customers are mono-lingual americans and the employees breakout into snickers, funny looks, and TALK about u  while serving u.  whose dept does this come under? human rights dept?  sexual, racist, genderist, classist commentary by the restaurant employees and owners. They then tell other Japanese restaurant owners about you and your 'look' your friends , etc.. gay people do go out with their straight friends...when those Japanese homophobics make accusations about their customers to others, its not fair to the victims of their gossiping.
Please Boycott CAFE Fort St George& maekawa next door.
EAT here and almost CROAK!:
april 10, 2006 : mashiko in west seattle- i orderd ume shiso maki, which is not containing any shellfish or arthropods of the sea-- so i shouldnt have gone into anaphalactic tasted like vinegary tin can, making my guy heave and i felt limp vision blackened and i was suddenly deaf, my body limp, i couldnt walk. i saw the tunnel of light, an empty void of darkness, i saw my body below...
EAT here and get ROCKET FUEL:
 june: Bush Garden== needs to change the cooking oil daily not monthly,  i got the runs at the restaruant and the toilets were backed up with not TP available... most of the bowls were filled with the same shit...rocketfuel..!!  the health dept needs to go eat there!!!- maybe that's why people only go there to DRINK??-2005
Yoshinobo on So. Jackson St- seattle.  /the meat was rancid tasting, the daikon was sour and bitter, too greasy tempura, the sunomono was salty not vinegary, the bathroom was wafting out into the dining area...I BARELY MADE IT home to the .. it was an accident waiting to happen!!!--june 2005
Seattle Keiro Annual Rummage Sale:: attempted to turn away good clean designer items just because the beeches who were standing in the doorway didnt like the donors. ( it was a homophobic action also) Luckily Bif saved the day and was a witness to the beeches' actions against said of which has been volunteering with sorting, pricing and cleanup since 1988!!!
Several of those guilty homophobes from the 3 japanese restaurants i have mentioned before, often eat at hingloon after midnite, and hang at bush garden,
I can never go to those owners' restaurants knowing that they might spit in my food...and neither should you my friend...if u know what i mean-sept 2006

>>KITS/ritz camera@ Jefferson Square - west seattle- dumbass employees : i was standing there reading a magazine an asian photog walks by and then they start raving out loud infront of other customers that photog woman is CRAZY and a raving lunatic..(when in reality that asian woman got a bunch of her images stolen/deleted from her digital camera by 2other female employees who kept making unwanted sexual advances toward her- when she complained they did nothing to rectify the situation..the employee- perps were transfered to the downtown store. The idiots who yelled out the asian photog's personal info *name* out loud infront of others was a manager!


>HIP HOPPED OUT beggar-baggy clothed wannabe bad azzes at 23rd JAckson-Walgreens how dare u ask me for spare change withyour high priced NIKEs on-callin' me CHINK - Oppressin' other peeps who back up your claims of racism - in the streets of seattle?  Think about it before u call me CHINK ..>NW WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION at FRYE ART Museum head cheese, was rude and funky attitude, gave us peeps of colour some F*cked up run around and gave my tickets someone else asian..NOT ME. guess we still all look alike? Wasabi Bistro- attitude,premade sushi left on ice, overly racist towards asiansCAMERAS WEST -downtown-
RUDE White guy " Russell" who, wouldnt sell me a camera 'cuz he claimed " u arent a professional anything, real professionals dont look like you!!!" making a homophobe comment under his breath as my friend was leaving the store.TALL's CAMERA(4th ave)-ignore people of color, white woman 'M' gave me the eye-roll when i asked a technical question. ZEBRA COPY-anti- gay, sexist, racist, overpriced, practices censorship PROFESSIONAL COPY AND PRINT-business of color, yes, but VERY sexist, men get better service, and they damage your original art,  make extra copies for themselves -loosing your works and say its your fault. OFFICE DEPOT-latino dude upstairs  IGNORING asians and refusing to help them ( esp the elderly) talking about  people in spanish lewdly on his earphone @downtown store should be avoided!
BARTELL's(harvard mkt)-the camera/sound section, gives u the most attitude ever, they lost my film for 1 yr,and then made me pay for it..the other stores said it should be free.  the white chick mgr makes racist comments about the customers and her filipina co-workers to other white peopleUNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE-(photo dept) weird white guy who does super8 films [mikey?]-- he tells security that the ASIANS who are frugally shopping for the best deals are SHOPlifting and to WATCH them
closely  All asians who wear black are not in a Gang..unless u want frat boys.....UWAJIMAYA's AD People: knock off the use of "oriental", it ain't cool...ASIAN is the word! INT'L DIST. BANK OF AMERICA-- those who are chinese & vietnamese discriminate against others not their kind!!esp to latinos & blacks.


Maybe it's a  'guy' cd,  but  3 women gave it the

Canada's NUMBER ONE SON...what were they thinking????! Maybe it's a 'guy' cd? So far 5 asian women have listened to it and asked me:
" what were they thinking?! " , "Are they tone deaf?",  "Please, turn it OFF!"  John Pai of the International Examiner gave it a raving-positive glowing review, so maybe it is a "guy"thing??? Well, too bad they don't have a webpage, and then i could link you over and take a listen...  ---G. Natsu.

IT's NOT JUST ME, Thinkin' it'b soooo BAD!

SHOYU, Pour It On!!