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Shot from Capitol Hill towards Queen Anne Hill

postcards on the way

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Here's the 411 on where to go if you're going somewhere that i've been. The info you'll find here is from direct experience, it may be different for u ... but u won't know unless u go there for yourself.  
The usual weather, conditions, kind of film to shoot, best type of camera to take...if you're going to a city  look up the professional photo labs online first and find a good 1hr lab also to get your film developed BEFORE u return.  Buy your film  and videotapes when u get there, like a big chain like Target or Walmart, Safeway most of the film (even generic) is still gonna give u good pictures. 

Twelve tips for effective complaining

When u go on a flight make sure u take your own sack lunch with u cuz u dont get any food thats considered ' a meal '  on the plane.  if they nab u in the xray line for too many carry ons, u say this phrase : "  I HAVE DIETARY NEEDS! "  and they have to let u on with that extra food baggie!!!

**Another thing to remember, take your own pillow and blanky on the flight, as the ones on the airplane are never washed between flights...and  buy a can of  flea spray to your hotel room and if u have a rental car, flea bomb it too. it;s bad out there!
--->the  J W Marriott in Miami ( on Brickell Ave ) is infested with all kinds of insects that will suck the blood out u as u sleep.


5690 - i had to lay on the groung for this.

5691---EMP building at nite

The Seattle Center is my favorite night time shooting location,  sparse on people especially in November-April. There is a new really cool light installation by The Opera House, that is my next  subject to work on.
All the photos on this page were taken on a 2.0 megapixel SONY P-50  that i bought in 2001 and i'm on the  verge of taken 6,000 images with it.  I shoot more freely on the digi cam since  i can delete the ones that didnt turn out the way i intended them to.

5825  Gulls in Kirkland , WA.

(Here, I am standing 3 feet away from the gull, if u want them to look at u, have a french fry in your other hand and wave it to get it's attention.)



SHOYU, Pour It On!!