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I heard this song in the rain after a dismal day in the darkroom and escaping from the lame attempts at a WTO revival of the protest 'moment' in 2000. This song called "aftermath" or "the Aftermath" was on in someone's car. I was trying to hear her conversation to me and the song's lyrics at the same time, the beats were great and the lyrics were 'there'. For a moment, i was lost in the song and my friend was blowing smoke at me.

2 months later someone else had made me a mixtape with that song on it. i was so happy. now i gotta find the whole CD,
as i'm sure it will be just as good as this one track.-ihk


88% Ugly



One of the quirky and weirdest murder/mystery/drama/humor films of the new millenium. Most people didn't like the main plot and subplots, but I found a few that were fascinating and charming in a squirmy sort of way. Also one of the best contrived happy endings I've seen in a movie recently. -IHK.

2002- havent had any time to see any films.
Watch TV? Playwright, David Henry Hwang wrote the script for a made for tv movie called The Lost Empire what do ya think? me thinks that it  paid homage to Star Wars, Indian Jones, Star Trek (the Orig), The Fly, all the tv shows and movies...with Asian flavor. Some lines were str8 outta those films. There was this Luke Skywalker thing there too, with the princess,the MonkeyKing (russell wong) seemed to be the Han Solo and Pigsy as The Wookie. Originality? Hah! trick or treat?  was too good to be true, a Asian Sci-fi fantasy tale that was truly original? The tale of  The Monkey King to be told on primetime television with real asian actors? too bad the casting was thru a british agency, and some of our favorite Asian American actors couldn't have a shot at it!!! -----ihk.


Pre Concert  Jam


Yuragi - program, with autograph.

O9-26-96 : SANKAI JUKU

Amagatsu Ushio, Sankai Juku's founder and artistic director tells us that Butoh expresses the language of the body rather than a theoretical meaning of movement.

This time Sankai Juku gives us " YURAGI In A Space of Perpetual Motion " with a soundscape of music by Yaz-Kaz and Yoichiro Yoshikawa.
Direction and Choreography by Amagatsu Ushio
Dancers: Amagatsu Ushio, Semimaru, Ogata Atsushi, Iwashita Toru, Takeuchi Sho.


One act in 7 sections.

To me, it seemed like a recurring dream, reruns of portions of all the other Sankai Juku works that I have experienced before. Jomon Sho, Kinkan Shonen, and Unetsu all spliced together and shaken up, there were no smooth transitions from one slice to the next. Group and solo alternating was the schematic pattern. Amagatsu stands out clearly as their leader.

The last section was the most intriguing for me, it contained many visual elements that kept my attention. The other stuff was so bland that I can describe it as one phrase of blissful state of wondering. In other words I paid thirty bucks for an aural and visual LULLABY??? I like to say LULLaBYE cuz I was getting soooooo sleepy ( I yawned 24 times) ! The set was interesting tho I often drifted to the state of wondering if the Animal Rights people were going to storm the joint for cruetly of slowly roasting a rabbit in a public performance! The set has these "torchiere" halogen-style lamp housing that they had placed the live rabbits inif they were recalled for unsafe in the homes, then geex what the hell was gonna happen here?? Were the rabbits sedated? They didn't move around much, if that were me, I'd be trying to jump over the side. I couldn't concentrate on the dance part anymore, my only brain energy was going to thinkin' about the rabbits..Jump, Jump- was what I was sending via mental telepathy..maybe these were special rabbits, bred to sit on scientific hotplates? Or maybe they were given lobotomies? Maybe the UW animal testing dept gave them the experimental rabbits to use??

I WAS NOT IMPRESSED ONE BIT. Sankai Juku has evolved all that it can, maybe devolve is the next plateau. Why can't we ever get to see Shijima?? Is it because it involves hanging from ropes?

New rules for american born japanese: Amagatsu said to me " No Interviews with Photos and " No Interviews to Non Japanese" but the mainstream papers were allowed to take all the photos and get the interviews, white people.
    He considered me as non japanese. They'r starting to cater to Japan-o-philes! U dont diss your people.

88% Ugly

SHOYU, Pour It On!

SHOYU, Pour It On!!