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Siren of Sado, Tamaribuchi

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Yoko Fujimoto- IHK photo 2002.

the Enigmatic Siren of Sado a.k.a. Yoko Fujimoto, mesmerized the living and raised the dead, oops-- i mean, the vocally challenged taiko  players of Seattle. Her patience &  nurturing teaching style transformed these awkward non-singers  into reaching their highest potential in a matter of hours. Like Magic!   
I was hynotized by her  soulful demeanor and quiet spirit,  her body swayed to the ancient melodies wafting from  her innermost core into  the raw lumps of clay ready to be (re)formed into  a room of cascading voices, cooing in meditation.
" she just projected her spirit thru the body to the other side... and at other times her intense gaze was imposing"
" vulcan mind-meld"
" made you feel the strength of her presence"
" hypnotizing and mesmerizing"
" stirred my soul,  gave me inspiration and hope"
" she floated between dimensions of solid and air "
well,  now what??? I'm still at a loss for words!
Copyright (c) I.H.KUNIYUKI, 2002.
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No Lie Reviews

an interview with Tiffany Tamaribuchi


Fave color when u were a child?

Fave color now and why?
Deep blues. I love aizome cloth and I love just letting my mind settle into the serenity of it.

Earliest childhood memory?
There was a mirrored wall in my parents house that had a faux-marble affect in gold and I can remember when I was first starting to stand up, holding myself up with my hands on the wall and looking at myself in those mirrors.

Fave Asian sticky snack?
Sticky..hmmm...does Kaki-koori (shave ice) count as sticky? If not, then Ko-Ume candy...the little ones often stick to the wrappers.

Fave stinky Asian snack?
Almost any kind of tsukemono (takuan, rakkyo, kim chee)....right out of the jar.

Where were u born?
Sacramento, California.

Grew up where?
Sacramento, California

Mostly public schools with an A.A. from Sacramento City College and a B.A. from CSU Sacramento.

When did u first realize your talent in taiko?
When did u start?

Started playing with the local Minyo groups at O-Bon shortly after finishing high school. Eventually went to train at the San Francisco Taiko Dojo, commuting to SF Tuesday and Thursday nights, meanwhile going to school & working to put myself through school. I don't know that I realized I had any talent in it until after I had been performing and teaching for a good long while.

What kind of occupation do u think u have gone into if u weren't a taiko player/sensei?

I think something having to do with written or spoken language. Maybe teaching, becoming a writer or storyteller...or if I had the guts-- Acting/Stand-Up Comedy. I was cast in a community theater production when I was at SCC, lost my paying job and thought I maybe ought to find a steadier line of work than performing arts. Now that I'm a musician...go figure-!

Copyright  (c)  I.H.KUNIYUKI, 1999.
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