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Watch This!!

--don't forget to blink.

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 You Tube, it has a bunch of video clips from all over the world and of subjects matter from everything u can think of.  there's a no nudity rule. but there are clips that push it tho. but the MISORA HIBARI clips, if u see it now it may not be there in a few weeks - copyright violations get removed, they are pretty active deleting stuff too. 

u can also find historically significant films and archival footage there too.

subjects to search on are

inochi taiko, kazuo ohno, bon odori and 

user names:  Kohno     she has vlog on going to bon odori practice , car rides with her friend with puppets her stuff is really hysterical yet down to earth. very cool JA.

Soran Bushi

Tanko Bushi


recent finds from 99cents to $8!! at Easy Street Records. (best record store in Seattle)

Not what i was expecting--more like Yanni, zzzzzzz

Japan version of the cover art. (better)
it's gonna be hard to beat this cd!

this cover art sucks...USAversion.
buy the jpnz version, cool cover art!

the anonymous reviewer replied--"sounds like LOUD, but more Japaneezy/Kitaro"

Tell me sumthin' good...

SHOYU, Pour It On!!